Holidays are over, a new year just started…

I “mish” a fantastic new year to everybody. And thanks AGAIN AND AGAIN to all the blood brothers who ordered a copy of ‘At War With The Gods’. Hope you had a good reading.


Here, as Wayne said, ‘AIN’T ANY PRAYER GONNA SAVE YOU HERE’ !!!


What’s new? Basically nothing *lol* – except the fact copies of the ltd edition of the ‘hard-cover’ version of the book are still available. If you want a copy, if you don’t know how to get it, you can email here or directly at




“It’s a very classy item – heavy, hard-backed and packed with information mostly from the horses’ mouths. I genuinely think that anyone who is or has been a Mission fan will want this. It’s been lovingly and painstakingly put together…”

(Julianne Regan from All About Eve)


“… The chronological documentary style, interspersed with huge chunks of quotes from band members, friends and fellow musicians, makes for a lively narrative.”

(Record Collector magazine, review by Terry Staunton)


“An impressive book – as for the photographic material as for the info collected by the author – celebrating the first quarter of Century of The Mission…”

(Obskure Magazine, France, review by Emmanuel Hennequin)


“The perfect guide to know The Mission, as for newcomers as for hardcore fans of Wayne Hussey’s band…”

(This Is Rock, Spain, review by Ignacio Reyo)


“Highly recommended to every fan of the band leaded by Wayne Hussey as, in general, to everybody who loved the dark/goth scene of the ‘80s. ”

(Ver Sacrum webzine, Italy, review by Christian Dex)


“…it’s a cracker…”

(D. Johnstone – UK)


“…it looks absolutely fantastic and lots of pics throughout!”

(A. Steenson – UK)


“… wow what an amazing book!!!! Order it because this is a MUST HAVE for every Mission fan…”

(M. Wijlaars – Netherlands)


“… have devoured every page – a well-researched plus written book with a few bits I dint know about – could have easy to go off on tangents but tells the story in great detail – the appendix with other members/bands is great well done…

(R. Nicholls – UK)


“I think it is better than ‘Names are for Tombstones, Baby’!!!!”

(J. Comes – Arizona)


“…a wonderful work!!! It’s a fucking piece of art!!!”

(M. Simonetti – Argentina)


“It’s a wonderful book!!”

(L. Cipriani – Massachussets)