Today, on the 63rd birthday of our hero Wayne Hussey, 'At War With The Gods' turns exactly seven years after its release. Thanks to everyone who bought the book.
Fans of The Mission or not, I hope you are all well. Unfortunately, 2021 is still a bad year for the whole world. The virus, the economy, the wrong choices of many politicians, violence, incapacity, and above all a lot of pain.
I remember an unfortunate occasion when Wayne Hussey told me "there is nothing to do when the Gods are against us".
The situation here in Italy is very bad, but I am sure that things are not going better in the rest of the world. All we can do is keep the faith and hope that everything will get better as soon as possible.

It is also for this reason of economic hardship that, despite the increase in international postage, I have decided not to change the price of the book. From 2014 to 2020 the shipping costs have increased by 45% but, because of the difficult moment we are living, I want to leave everything as it is. There are not many copies left: hurry up!
I remind everyone that you can buy 'At War With The Gods' directly through this site or by contacting me via email ( or Facebook.

1993-09-21 BERLIN by Brigani Art okappa 001Keeping the faith, spinning turning

Watch the flames of bridges burning


Alex D.